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Dr Nick Makwana

Consultant Paediatrician

As a family dental practice, we at Highfield Dental Clinic know that you want the best healthcare for your children. That's why we offer private consultations with our paediatrician, Nick Makwana. He can diagnose and refer young patients for appropriate treatment, with the added benefit of being a practising paediatrician with active experience of childhood ailments.

General Practitioners may not have any paediatric training, which may make providing help and reassurance for parents difficult. By seeing a consultant paediatrician directly, conditions may be diagnosed more quickly, reducing the stress of repeat visits for parents and children alike.

Nick will provide all the help and expertise you need to put your mind at rest, quickly, flexibly and in a friendly manner, here in the relaxing surroundings of our practice. Particularly for younger children, this can be much less distressing than having to visit a hospital.

As a father of two, Nick has great empathy with parents who are concerned about their child's health and wellbeing, and a great rapport with young patients. He has a special interest in allergies and infectious diseases, as well as seeing children and young people with a wide range of problems.

His consultations are child-centred, sensitive and friendly, and he takes a holistic approach, finding the cause of any problem rather than just treating the symptoms. He will take the time to listen to both parents' and children's concerns, and will carefully explain everything that is happening to both parent and child in a way that is easy to understand, so that you both feel fully informed at all stages of the process.

After your consultation Nick will provide you with a detailed letter explaining everything that has been discussed, including any referrals for further treatment. That way, both you and your child can rest assured that you are in safe hands and will get all the necessary treatment.

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